Dental Treatments Prices

Approximate prices at Barcelona Dental Studio dental clinic for dental treatments in 2018.

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Payment methods

We offer a range of payment options so that you can choose the one that suits you.


    If you would like to use this payment method, please send us the following information after your first free visit:

    1. A photocopy of your ID card
    2. A photocopy of your last payslip or tax return if you are self-employed.
    3. A direct debit or a photocopy of your bank passbook.

    If you have a credit card from La Caixa, we can finance treatment over a maximum of 12 months without the need for these documents.

  • Credit or debit cards:
  • Bank transfer and/or cash. Ask us about the benefits of paying by bank transfer or cash.

Book your first free visit eon our website or by phone. We will assess your case to decide the dental treatment needed and provide you with an estimate so that you know exactly how much it will cost to fix your smile.

Here is a list of the prices for dental treatments at our dental clinic Barcelona Dental Studio:

First visit

  • Diagnostic full-mouth x-ray 0€
  • Diagnosis 0€
  • Periapical x-ray 0€
  • Assessment by a specialist, where required 0€
  • Digital full-mouth x-ray 30€

Dental treatment prices:

Esthetic dentistry prices

  • Porcelain Veneers 580€
  • Micro dental veneers (Porcelain veneers with no drilling) 580€
  • Lumineers (Porcelain veneers with no drilling) 850€
  • All-porcelain crown 470€
  • Zirconia-porcelain crown 470€
  • Esthetic composite reconstruction 115€
  • Lengthening of the incisal edge with esthetic composite 115€
  • Esthetic composite on the incisal angle 115€
  • Closing gaps between teeth (diastema) with composite per tooth 115€
  • Removal of localised white stains with sanding + esthetic composite 82€
  • Direct composite veneers 180€
  • Indirect composite veneers 350€
  • Provisional esthetic crowns and dental veneers 49€
  • Esthetic analysis 115€
  • Diagnostic wax-up per arch 115€

Teeth whitening prices

  • Whitening at the clinic (per session) 230€
  • Whitening at home 220€
  • Combined whitening treatment (at the clinic and at home) 395€
  • Intra-coronary whitening per session and per tooth (in non-vital teeth) 60€

General dentistry prices

  • Composite reconstruction 78€
  • Temporary crown 45€
  • Composite palatal veneer 350€
  • Composite reconstruction to increase vertical dimension per tooth 160€
  • All-porcelain inlay 390€
  • Indirect composite inlay 300€

Dental implant and surgery prices

  • Dental implant 590€
  • Lifting of the maxillary sinus 890€
  • Lyophilized bone x 2g, for guided bone regeneration on maxillary sinus lift 310€
  • Conscious sedation 1200€
  • Simple extraction 50€
  • Root extraction 60€
  • Extraction of erupted third molar (wisdom tooth that has come through) 120€
  • Extraction of semi-impacted third molar 135€
  • Extraction of impacted third molar (wisdom tooth under the gum line) 160€

Dental prosthesis prices

  • Implants in a single treatment per tooth ((provisional tooth fixed on implant in 1 day) 210€
  • Implants in a single treatment per arch (provisional teeth fixed on implants in 1 day) 1300€
  • Metal-porcelain crown on implant per tooth 595€
  • Zirconia-porcelain crown on implant per tooth 790€
  • Hybrid prosthesis on implants (arch) 4200€
  • Prosthesis on zirconia-porcelain implants (arch) 8900€
  • Prosthesis on metal-porcelain implants (arch) 6490€

Orthodontic treatment prices

  • Cephalometric x-ray and moulds 110€
  • Invisalign 8-month treatment (invisible orthodontics) 2800€
  • Invisalign 18-month treatment (invisible orthodontics) 4600€ (includes monthly fees)
  • Esthetic sapphire braces per arch 605€
  • Metal braces per arch 390€
  • 3D lingual esthetic braces 18 months 4950€ (includes monthly fees)
  • Monthly orthodontic appointments for all types of treatments with braces 90€

Endodontic (root canal) prices

  • Root canal on incisors and canines 178€
  • Root canal on premolars and molars 215€
  • Repeat root canal on incisors and canines 190€
  • Repeat root canal on premolars and molars 250€
  • Calcium hydroxide application per session 45€
  • Extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth) 260€

Periodontics prices

  • Cleaning + Prophylaxis 38€
  • Scaling with periodontal probe 58€
  • Scaling and root planing per quadrant 90€
  • Periodontal maintenance 95€
  • Gingivectomy per tooth 70€
  • Lengthening of clinical crown per tooth 130€
  • Localised scaling and root planing (on one tooth) 55€


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