Dental veneers prices

At Barcelona Dental Studio, prices for dental veneers can range from €150 to €750.


There are various types of dental veneers or esthetic veneers and the price will vary depending on how they are made and their materials and features. Some materials and manufacturing techniques are cheaper than others.

Despite the difference in price, all veneers are a valid option for improving our patients’ smiles.

For each case, it is essential to use photographs and models of each patient to ensure the correct diagnosis and create a suitable treatment plan for each patient, as dental veneers are a specific and personalised treatment.


Correct treatment with porcelain veneers includes the following phases:

  • Esthetic tests, using photographs of the patient’s teeth before treatment and taking measurements of the patient’s dental arches.
  • Diagnosis, where we identify the esthetic problem and other problems that may arise. We discuss the different objectives that the patient has, which may include esthetic considerations, improving the functionality of the teeth and ensuring all materials are biocompatible.
  • The treatment plan. After explaining the different treatment criteria, we create a series of stages the treatment will include.
  • Preparing the mouth, this will depend on the type of dental veneers chosen and the adhesive used.
  • Manufacturing the ceramic in the laboratory.
  • Fixing the dental veneers in the patient’s mouth.

The final price of the dental veneers will depend on two main factors:

– The type of veneers chosen: The dental  veneers used in each case will depend on the needs and wishes of the patient. Porcelain veneers are more common and are better value for money, but they are more expensive than composite veneers, which are not as attractive but last longer and are cheaper than Lumineers.

– The number of teeth being treated.

Payment methods and financing

As well as the usual payment methods (card, cash, bank transfer) we can also offer up to 24 months interest-free financing.


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