Conscious Sedation

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Conscious sedation

If you are a patient who is very scared of the dentist, it does not have to negatively affect your dental health. At our dental clinic in Barcelona we can offer you a made-to-measure service. With conscious sedation, an anaesthetist gives you a combination of medicines to help you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during your dental treatment. You will not feel anxious or remember the visit when you leave the clinic.

We use conscious sedation at the dental clinic to help us control the patient’s anxiety by using medicines that depress the central nervous system in a controlled way.

The procedure is called conscious sedation because the patient can breathe normally and respond to all stimuli and verbal commands.

As well as being beneficial for the patient, this procedure also makes the dentist’s work easier because they can usually complete the dental treatment more quickly when the patient is under conscious sedation.

When we use conscious sedation in the dental clinic, it is performed by an anaesthetist who supervises the patient at all times, leaving the dentist free to continue with the dental treatment.

In dentistry, conscious sedation procedures are usually recommended for:

1. Extreme fear of the dentist

2. Intensive dental treatments or procedures that mean the patient is in the chair for many hour

In cases where the patient has a fear of the dentist, conscious sedation is a very useful option as the patient is unaware of most of what the dentist is doing and feels completely relaxed. Patients do not remember the procedure, meaning that they feel calm when they leave the dental clinic, and this can help them to overcome their fear of the dentist.

For long-term treatments, using conscious sedation in the dental clinic allows the dentist to get on with the treatment without the patient getting tired of having their mouth open for such a long time.

Other uses for conscious sedation in the dental clinic

1. Patients with physical handicaps

In the case of patients who have physical handicaps that make it difficult to attend the dental clinic, this procedure means the dentist can work more quickly and efficiently and helps to reduce the suffering or stress that dental treatment can cause this type of patient.



Intensive treatments

If you are the kind of person who is always busy with work or family and you keep putting off that dental treatment that you should have done a long time ago, come and visit us. We can organise long or intensive treatment sessions and get on with your dental treatment in as few appointments as possible.

Teeth in one day

Your teeth are very important and although you know that they are in a bad state, you are hesitant about having them taken out for fear of how you will look. Nowadays, there are techniques that allow dentists to add implants in one single treatment, meaning you can have dental implants with teeth in one day. Come to our dental clinic and will study your case to see if you are a candidate for this type of dental treatment.

Emergencies without prior appointment

If you are in a lot of pain and do not know where to go, contact us and we will make space for you as an emergency. We will assess your case and advise you on the best option and if it is treatable and you want to go ahead we can offer dental treatment on the same day. It is not necessary to wait for an appointment, we will advise you with no obligation to agree to the treatment.

Radical make over

Do you hate your smile? Are you embarrassed by your smile? Do you have a lot of stained or very short teeth? Do you have a gummy smile? Do you have spaces between your teeth that you do not like and would like to get rid of?

If you want a radical makeover for your smile, we can help you. We are a centre specialising in esthetic dentistry and work with highly qualified professionals and the most sophisticated treatment options on the market.


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