Teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a simple and safe esthetic dental treatment that alters the colour of the tooth enamel to create whiter and brighter teeth. It gives impressive results and improves the look of the smile.


Our team of dentists specialises in teeth whitening and esthetic dentistry and we have many satisfied customers. We offer a personal consultation for each patient to make sure they are fully satisfied before and after treatment. Trust the professionals, do not leave your health and your smile to chance.

What types of teeth whitening are there?

  • LED teeth whitening at the clinic
  • LED Teeth whitening is done in a dental clinic using cold LED light and is a very effective and comfortable treatment for the patient as the session lasts for only 45 minutes but gives excellent results with whiter and more attractive teeth.
  • Teeth whitening at home
  • Teeth whitening at home is one of the most effective and long-lasting treatments. Retainers are made for the teeth and a whitening gel is applied to the retainers which are worn at night to whiten the teeth. This treatment must always be carried out under your dentist’s supervision.
  • Combined teeth whitening
  • This treatment is described as combined teeth whitening as it uses both methods, whitening with cold LED light and whitening at home. It is the teeth whitening treatment par excellence because the combination of both methods gives the best results and is very long-lasting.


Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

Is it possible to whiten teeth with tetracycline stains?

Some patients have teeth that were stained by using an antibiotic often prescribed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s called tetracycline. These patients are not candidates for teeth whitening treatment as the antibiotic affects the tooth as it forms, and the stain cannot be eliminated without removing the enamel. The only esthetic solution to create whiter teeth in patients with tetracycline stains is porcelain veneers although it is important for a dentist specialising in esthetic dentistry to assess the patient first.

What types of teeth whitening are on offer in Barcelona?

Teeth whitening at home

For teeth whitening at home, the teeth are treated overnight for about two weeks. This procedure can create a greater change in colour than treatment at the dental clinic.

Combined teeth whitening

Combined teeth whitening is when treatment is done at the dental clinic and at home. By combining both methods, the patient will get the best results and can whiten their teeth more than by only using one method.

Is the teeth whitening procedure painful?

Pain will depend on the type of patient. In general teeth whitening is not a painful procedure, but for patients who suffer from sensitivity this can be increased during the treatment.

How long does teeth whitening last?

This depends on the type of whitening treatment and the patient.

For teeth whitening at the dental clinic, the treatment usually lasts a minimum of six months.

For teeth whitening at home and combined teeth whitening, the treatment usually lasts around two years.

Are there any factors affecting how long teeth whitening lasts?

Teeth whitening treatment will not last as long in patients who smoke or regularly use tobacco, or drink coffee, tea or wine. The fewer of these habits a patient has, the longer the effects of whitening will last.